What Is The Scope Of HR Apprenticeships?

The HR department is the most crucial element of any organisation. It has undergone a great transformation over the years. A career in the HR brings a lot of growth opportunities with it.

Most of the organisations have now realised the need to attract and retain the employees for a longer time. This is where HR apprenticeships step in. Apprenticeship is a training program where the apprentice can not only gain qualifications from accredited organisations but also earn money. It helps to provide a skilled work-force and improve the employee retention rate.

During an HR apprenticeship, apprentices are taught to deal with the important functions of the workplace that is related to the employees. They are provided training in special areas including employee branding, management functions, recruitment and selection, employee relations, employee rights and appraisals, health and safety.

An Hr apprenticeship opens door to a number of career opportunities. Let’s take a look at scope after taking an apprenticeship in the HR department:

HR Apprenticeships

  • HR Assistant or HR Administrator
  • This is an entry level position where you will be required to handle all HR related queries. An Hr assistant handles all the paperwork and documentation including employment contracts.

  • HR Officer
  • The main role of An HR officer is recruitment, payroll, training, induction. He also helps in establishing staff support systems.

  • Recruitment Coordinator
  • After taking up an HR apprenticeship, you can also become a recruitment coordinator. Your role will be to advertise job vacancy, analyse applications, arrange job interviews etc.

  • HR Manager
  • Working as an HR manager is a great career opportunity. He performs a wide range of roles such as framing the policies related to the workplace. Supervising other employees in the HR teams is also an important function. He also takes care about employee welfare, salary etc.

  • HR Director
  • It is a prestigious job role. An HR director manages and controls the entire Human Resource department including the expenditure and the budget.

HR apprenticeships are gaining huge popularity these days as they offer a wide range of career opportunities. Make sure you analyse your requirements and choose the most suitable training provider.

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