Why Should You Take Up Recruitment Consultant Apprenticeship?

Recruitment is one of the most important elements of any company or organisation. Hiring the right candidates is very crucial for a successful venture. That is why most of the people are resorting to recruitment consultants. Recruitment consultants help in screening the right candidates by conducting interviews. They are also responsible for advertising the job vacancy so that the position is filled as soon as possible.

According to a recent report, the recruitment industry is the top 6th industry in UK. Having a career in this field can open up doors for various opportunities. Apprenticeship is a great way of gaining qualifications and enhancing your skills in this field. However, it is important to choose the right training provider.

Recruitment consultant

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why should you take up a recruitment consultant apprenticeship:

Intellectually challenging:

Recruitment consultants should have the ability to understand both the people and the policies of the company. This job is intellectually challenging and can help to improve your analytical skills.

Reap the financial awards:

Money is one of the most important reasons why most of the people think to get into the recruitment industry. You can reap financial awards when you become a recruitment consultant.

Improves confidence:

Since recruitment is all about dealing with people, it helps you to interact with people from different walks of life. This will help in improving your communication skills and you will become more confident. Also, an apprenticeship allows you to work in a professional environment which helps in improving the practical skills which can be quite beneficial for you in the long run.

A wide range of career options:

A recruitment consultant apprenticeship can open up a plethora of career opportunities for you. You will get to work with highly reputed organisations which will add to your professional experience. Account management, interviewing selection and assessment, CRM and database management, advertising etc. are some of the career options which you can switch to after taking a recruitment consultant apprenticeship.

These were some of the reasons why you should take up recruitment consultant apprenticeships.

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Game Changing Modern Recruitment Techniques To Try Out

Technology is changing at a fast rate, beyond your thinking. It has revolutionised the recruitment industry in a great way. Most of the recruiters are adopting new strategies which can help to make the recruitment process easy and convenient. The cutting-edge digital technology can make the process hassle-free.

Let’s take a look at some of the modern game-changing recruitment techniques which you should try out:


When it comes to recruitment techniques, Artificial Intelligence is the new trend. It can play a key role in helping the recruiters find the new talent. AI can help to alleviate the challenges faced by a recruiter. It can help to streamline the recruitment process. Chatbots, sentiment analysis and talent discovery are some of the ways by which you can improve the recruitment process.

recruitment trends

Virtual Reality:

Technology is constantly evolving with time. Virtual Reality can help to simplify the recruitment process. It provides a positive message to the potential candidates for your organisation. You can stay connected with the applicants no matter wherever he is located.

Video Interviews:

Video interviews are becoming very popular these days. It will save the time of the candidates in travelling long distances and provide them convenience. Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts are some of the common platforms through which interviews can be conducted.

Social Media:

You can advertise the job vacancy through social media platforms to find out the most talented pool of candidates. Through these platforms, you can find the candidate according to your specific requirements.

Applicant Tracking System:

It is an efficient method which can simplify your recruitment process to a great extent. Through this system, you can keep all the hiring and candidate information into one system. It is an efficient method which can help to speed up the recruitment process. You can easily avoid the mess of filing papers.

Job Auditions:

Job audition is the new way of assessing the true potential of the candidate. It will help you understand how the candidate will work for your company. You can get insight into the practical skills of the candidate.

These were some of the modern recruitment techniques which you should try out.

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Everything You Need To Know About Recruitment End Point Assessment

What is Recruitment End-Point Assessment?

End-point assessment is an apprenticeship reform that has gained popularity in recent times. It takes place when the apprenticeship has been completed. It is done with an aim to confirm that the apprentice has the knowledge and skills required to stay in the organisation for the particular role.

There is an assessment plan for each standard. It will explain the factors on which the assessment is done. The EPA can be conducted in the form of tests, examinations, professional discussions, workplace observations, portfolio of work, assignments, assessment of work output.

Recruitment EPA

Why is Recruitment End-point Assessment conducted?

The structure of an EPA is designed in such a way that the decision that is based on the assessment is totally impartial. Since the assessment is done by a third party, it will be a complete impartial decision. It will help to test the skills and knowledge acquired by the apprentice.

What are the rules related to EPAs?

There are various rules regarding the EPAs which must be followed:

  • Only an independent end-point assessment organisation must deliver the EPA.
  • The apprentice cannot complete his apprenticeship before passing the end-point assessment.
  • End-point Assessment providers should be approved by the ESFA. Then they should be added to the Register Of Apprentice Assessment Organisation. (RoAAO).

The criteria for the apprentice to be a part of End-Point Assessment:

  • The apprentice should complete at least 12 months on programme learning.
  • The employer and the training provider should confirm that the apprentice has attained the minimum level of knowledge and skills.
  • The apprentice should achieve the mandatory qualifications provided in the standard.

How to choose an End-Point Assessment organisation?

There are many factors which should be considered before choosing an end-point assessment organisation. You should check whether the organisation is licensed and registered on the RoEPAO. The organisation should have a solid reputation in the industry. It should be independent. You should make a thorough research before making the final decision. You can even read online reviews or seek recommendations from your friends or family. This will help you to provide a clear idea and help to take a wise decision.

These were some of the important things you need to know about Recruitment End-Point Assessment.

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