Everything You Need To Know About Recruitment End Point Assessment

What is Recruitment End-Point Assessment?

End-point assessment is an apprenticeship reform that has gained popularity in recent times. It takes place when the apprenticeship has been completed. It is done with an aim to confirm that the apprentice has the knowledge and skills required to stay in the organisation for the particular role.

There is an assessment plan for each standard. It will explain the factors on which the assessment is done. The EPA can be conducted in the form of tests, examinations, professional discussions, workplace observations, portfolio of work, assignments, assessment of work output.

Recruitment EPA

Why is Recruitment End-point Assessment conducted?

The structure of an EPA is designed in such a way that the decision that is based on the assessment is totally impartial. Since the assessment is done by a third party, it will be a complete impartial decision. It will help to test the skills and knowledge acquired by the apprentice.

What are the rules related to EPAs?

There are various rules regarding the EPAs which must be followed:

  • Only an independent end-point assessment organisation must deliver the EPA.
  • The apprentice cannot complete his apprenticeship before passing the end-point assessment.
  • End-point Assessment providers should be approved by the ESFA. Then they should be added to the Register Of Apprentice Assessment Organisation. (RoAAO).

The criteria for the apprentice to be a part of End-Point Assessment:

  • The apprentice should complete at least 12 months on programme learning.
  • The employer and the training provider should confirm that the apprentice has attained the minimum level of knowledge and skills.
  • The apprentice should achieve the mandatory qualifications provided in the standard.

How to choose an End-Point Assessment organisation?

There are many factors which should be considered before choosing an end-point assessment organisation. You should check whether the organisation is licensed and registered on the RoEPAO. The organisation should have a solid reputation in the industry. It should be independent. You should make a thorough research before making the final decision. You can even read online reviews or seek recommendations from your friends or family. This will help you to provide a clear idea and help to take a wise decision.

These were some of the important things you need to know about Recruitment End-Point Assessment.

The British Institute Of Recruiters – IOR provides Recruitment Apprenticeship End-Point Assessment (EPA services) to the employers. We offer EPA for recruitment resource apprenticeship standard and recruitment consultant apprenticeship standard.