Our Unique Approach and Services

The BIoR will have 3 specialist routes to qualifications in HR, Agency Recruitment & Corporate (in-house) Recruitment.

By partnering with a British University, the BIoR ensures its education offerings are world class and internationally recognised and accepted. This means that when you study with the BIoR (regardless of what level you study at) you will be certified by a British university.

Your certificates and credits will be internationally recognised (by other universities in the UK or overseas) and accepted as part of entrance criteria to other relevant university courses.

This is a major step forward for our industry. We will endeavour to keep the cost of education and CPD low.

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The BIoR has created a vast LinkedIn group and integrated social platform. Social media and social networking are both major components of the BIoR offering to its members.

The BIoR's philosophy is to operate efficiently. In lowering membership fees and infrastructure costs with zero impact on the service, quality and value. We will maintain an efficient working structure to keep membership fees low.

The BIoR has NO additional joining fees on top of subscriptions!

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An industry first, the BIoR represents both in-house and agency professionals. The BIoR has a highly-experienced network of Ambassadors.

Our Ambassadors are made up from professionals representing leading international companies, to local SME’s, all with many years of recruitment experience to call on.

BIoR Corporate members can access the employer help lines for all employment law related queries.

n bringing together HR, Agency & In-House recruiters under one roof, the BIoR facilitates better communication, interaction, and understanding of the objectives and skill sets between each specialism.

The result is an improved holistic process, and a widening of knowledge for practitioners.

The BIoR will conduct regular expert webinars which will be free to all members and will cover a wide range of topics from personal improvement in your role to understanding the industry better.

BIoR board members at all levels are accessible to the membership for the first time, allowing members to truly engage and be a part of the BIoR, not just on the outside looking in.

The BIoR has adopted a unique and innovative social media strategy to ensure it remains inclusive and in touch with our membership.

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It is well known that many laws affecting the UK do not originate from Westminster, but in fact resonate from the European law. For that reason, the BIoR will further establish an international presence with our colleagues in Brussels sitting on committees that shape EU law.

We will also further establish our presence internationally and share best practice amongst members. Being an international body is crucial for the BIoR and its members.

Every member of the BIoR gets their own profile page just like on LinkedIn. Your BIoR profile page shows you are genuinely a member of the BIoR, what your professional status is, and what CPD you have studied.

Members direct clients to their BIoR professional profile page to demonstrate their industry status.

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Members can freely post hard to fill roles, and collaborate with other Splitfee members to find the right candidates, all in a safe and regulated environment.

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The BIoR has extensive industry expertise at board level, ensuring most of its board are from a HR and recruiting background, supporting our members with their vast experience and domain expertise.

When our fellow membership is launched, members who achieve fellow status do not pay more for their membership. Again, this is pioneering as we do not charge you more because you have achieved more.

To become a fellow member, you must complete university level qualifications or CPD which is internationally recognised. The BIoR fellow level of membership takes time to achieve and cannot be just bought.

Achieving fellow status of the BIoR is a major honour. This is neither easy nor quick to attain. All fellows of the BIoR will have earned the accredited FBIoR letters through university accredited CPD and qualifications. FBIoR is truly a mark of quality.

The BIoR website is built off an innovative platform with a state of the art VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).

Our website will ensure members enjoy engaging with the us. 
All members get their very own profile page on the BIoR website which is in a constant development cycle.

Members will be notified as new features come on-line or existing features are upgraded and improved.

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