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Apprenticeships offered by BIoR Business School

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National Provider

The British Institute of Recruiters - BIoR - delivers high-quality engaging Recruitment & HR Apprenticeships throughout England. We also offer Managemnt and Digital Apprenticeships. We deliver face to face in your workspace, even if it’s for 1 learner. Our tutors are highly qualified, and our course material is exceptional, ensuring our training delivers excellent results for your business.

For more information email: support@ior.org or call 0871 288 2108 or use this Contact Form.

Recruitment & Apprenticeships we offer:

Recruitment Consultant (Level 3) - Cert PRP Dip BIoR

Recruitment Resourcer (Level 2) - Cert RR

Team Leader/Supervisor(manager) with Bespoke Recruitment Management Content (Level 3) - DipM


HR Apprenticeships we offer:

HR Support (Level 3) - Cert HR

HR Consultant / Partner (Level 5) 

In-House Recruitment / Talent acquisition Apprenticeships we offer :

Recruitment Resourcer & In House Recruitment / Talent acquisition Level 3 Cert RR , Cert PIR.

Team Leader/Supervisor(manager) with Bespoke In House Recruitment / Talent acquisition contents - Level 3 - Cert PIR , DipM

Digital Apprenticeships we offer:

Junior Content Producer (Level 3) – Includes Dot Native & Google Analytics

Digital Marketer (Level 3) – Includes Dot Native, Google Analytics and CIW-Site Development Associate


Management Apprenticeships we offer:

Operations/Departmental Manager (Level 5) – ILM Diploma for Leaders & Managers

Team Leader/Supervisor (Level 3)


Business Admin & Customer Service Apprenticeships we offer:

Business Administrator (Level 3)

Customer Service Practitioner (Level 2)


Supply Chain Apprenticeships we offer :

Supply Chain Warehouse Operative Level 2


Employers interested in any apprenticeships register here.

Learners interested in any apprenticeships register here.


Privately funded or Advanced learning loan funded certificates

We offer the following certificates under private funding:

  • Recruitment Resourcing Cert RR (Level 2)
  • Recruitment Consultant Cert PRP (Level 3)
  • Principles of Human Resource (HR) Practice (Level 3)


Recruitment End Point Assessment Service

The British Institute of Recruiters - BIoR offers the gold standard Recruitment Apprenticeship End Point Assessment - EPA services to employers for the new Recruitment Standards.
Click here for more End Point Assessment information.

For more information on all our apprenticeship services contact us now:
support@ior.org or call 0871 288 2108