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The British Institute of Recruiters - BIoR - delivers high-quality engaging Recruitment & HR Apprenticeships throughout England. We deliver face to face in your workspace, even if it’s for 1 learner. Our tutors are highly qualified, and our course material is exceptional, ensuring our training delivers excellent results for your business.

For more information email: support@ior.org or call 0871 288 2108 or use this Contact Form.

Recruitment & HR Apprenticeships we offer:

Recruitment Consultant (Level 3) - Cert PRP Dip BIoR

Recruitment Resourcer (Level 2) - Cert RR

HR Support (Level 3)


Management Apprenticeships we offer:

Team Leader/Supervisor (Level 3)


Business Admin & Customer Service Apprenticeships we offer:

Business Administrator (Level 3)

Customer Service Practitioner (Level 2)


Employers interested in any apprenticeships register here.

Learners interested in any apprenticeships register here.


Privately funded or Advanced learning loan funded certificates

We offer the following certificates under private funding:

  • Recruitment Resourcing Cert RR (Level 2)
  • Recruitment Consultant Cert PRP (Level 3)
  • Principles of Human Resource (HR) Practice (Level 3)

More information: support@ior.org or call 0871 288 2108