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Apprentice Recruitment

Apprenticeship is a training which allows you to learn the skills required in a particular profession. It is very beneficial for the apprentice. The British Insititute of Recruiters is one of the best apprenticeship providers in Manchester. Our professionals are well-qualified and experienced.  We specialise in apprentice recruitment. We provide both online and face to face training to the apprentice. Our training providers provide quality course material. 

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits how apprenticeship can be beneficial for the apprentice for getting recruited:

Career opportunities:

Apprenticeship opens the doors to a wide range of career opportunities for the apprentice. You can gain the skills and expertise required for a particular job. This can be quite beneficial in the long run for your career. There are many types of apprenticeships available these days. You can choose the best course according to your requirements. 


Apprenticeship allows you to gain recognised qualifications in a particular field. You can clear all your doubts and queries with the training provider. 


Apprenticeship allows you to earn decent wages while learning a whole set of new skills. In this way, you will be able to bear your basic living expenses. 

Gets acquainted with the professional world:

The apprentice gets to know the professional world in a better way under an apprenticeship. He learns the basic skills such as confidence, discipline etc. 

If you are looking for an apprenticeship in Manchester, get in touch with the British Institute of Recruiters. We provide quality training to the agency-recruiters, in-house recruiters and HR teams which can help them in apprentice recruitment.  

Contact us at:

Email: support@ior.org

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