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Get The Best Digital Marketer Apprenticeship In UK

Digital marketing is a growing field that has gained a lot of popularity over the years. It plays a key role in any organisation. A digital marketer has various roles and responsibilities. He is supposed to design and implement digital campaigns in order to attract the target audience. A digital marketer is required to have logical and creative thinking skills. 

The British Institute of Recruiters provides digital marketer apprenticeship in Manchester. We will come to your workplace or provide electronic based training sessions. We will also provide online material and high quality SEO training courses through our state-of-the-art distance learning platforms. We will provide you grant fellow status (fBIOR) with a free membership for a year.

What does the apprenticeship in digital marketing include?

The duration of our apprenticeship will be for 18 months. Our on-programme learning will help you to develop the skills and knowledge which will be quite beneficial for you in the long run.

  • The training provider and the employer will provide regular performance reviews for the apprentice. 
  • Development of portfolio evidence including assignments and evidence of tasks
  • We will provide accredited Dot Native, CIW-Site Development Assosciate and Google Analytics qualifications. 

Our training providers and the line manager will discuss the apprentice’s progress on a regular basis. The knowledge, skills and behaviour required of a digital marketer will be assessed during the End point assessment. The selected Independent Assessment Organisation will carry out the end-point assessment. 

The end-point assessment will include the following:

Summative portfolio:

In this, the apprentice provides the evidence regarding the real work projects that have been completed during the apprenticeship. This is given towards the end of the digital marketer apprenticeship. 

Synoptic project:

We will give the apprentice an opportunity to undertake a business-related project to demonstrate the application of all knowledge and skills acquired during the apprenticeship. 

Employer reference:

The employers will provide their reference presenting their views and opinions regarding the work as well as performance of the apprentice. 


The interview will be conducted to explore the various aspects of work of the apprentice.  It will be done to clarify any doubts and queries in the mind of the assessor regarding the performance of the apprentice. 

We will help you gain industry designed apprenticeship in digital marketing and certifications, and individual accredited qualification. 

If you are looking for digital marker apprenticeship courses in Manchester, consider The British Institute of Recruiters. 


For more informartion on Digital Marketer Apprenticeship download the PDF here.

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