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Junior Content Producer Apprenticeship Standard for Level 3

Content creation is an important online marketing strategy that can help you grow your business to a great extent. If you have unique and engaging content, the visitors will stay glued to your page which increases the organic traffic which further helps in bringing your website to the top of Google search results. 

Junior content producers are required to develop and create content that can be used across various social media platforms. They conduct a thorough research, prepare and develop the content according to the requirements of the clients. They aim at improving the brand awareness and reap higher profits. 

The British Institute of Recruiters offers junior content producer apprenticeship standard for level 3. We provide both online as well as offline web content writing courses. We will also provide Dot Native Certificate and Google Analytics IQ qualifications. 

This junior content producer apprenticeship will take 12-18 months to complete. It will help you to develop the core skills and knowledge required to gain competency in this field. You will be able to specialise in content planning, content development, content creation and evaluation stages. 

The knowledge and the skills acquired will be evaluated through the end-point assessment. This assessment will be conducted by the selected Independent Assessment organisation. 

How is the end-point assessment carried out?


The assessor will carry out the observation to test the apprentice’s skills, knowledge and behaviour.  


 The assessor will look for the following skills during the end-point assessment:

  • Verbal communication and presentable skills 
  • Understanding the client’s requirements and working accordingly. 
  • The apprentice should have the skills to develop ideas and concepts to meet the brief. 



The apprentice should have knowledge regarding the important concepts regarding the brand awareness. There should be complete knowledge regarding the creative content development.  


  • The apprentice should have the passion for creating unique and engaging content. 
  • He should have the ability to remain calm and have out-of the-box thinking. 

Set brief test 

A brief test will be conducted in which the apprentice can be asked to develop a media campaign for a new product. 

These were some of the components of the end-point-assessment. The final assessment and grading will be given to the apprentice to determine whether the apprentice is pass or fail. 

If you are looking for junior content producer apprenticeship in Manchester, look no further than The British Institute Of Recruiters. 

For more info on junior content producer apprenticeship, downlod the pdf here.

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