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Mission, Vision & Values - BIoR Business School


To be an outstanding national provider that empowers learners with the knowledge and mastery of skills that unlock greater life opportunities.

The Mission Statement

Changing lives through the delivery of high quality learning and development programmes.


•    Outstanding Commitment – To create programs and a safe learning environment that stimulates learning.
•    Dedicated – To constantly improve all aspects of our delivery and exceed our expectations.
•    Loyalty – To our staff and learners by ensuring they have all the support and access they need.
•    Leadership – That demands excellence and is challenged and held to account.
•    Integrity – Ensuring we are an ethical business in which the needs of learners come first.
•    Sustainability – Ensuring we are always resourced and able to offer programs at the high standards we set for ourselves. 
•    Equality – We will embrace diversity in all aspects of our work.
•    Innovation – Using technology to help deliver exciting programs that stimulate the learning experience.