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New Millennia Group Ltd

Back Office
Offer Details to BIoR Members
New Millennia Group Ltd are delighted to establish a business partnership with one of the main professional bodies in the Recruitment & HR industry. The continued growth of the BIoR and efforts to promote professionalism within the Recruitment sector mirror New Millennia’s position & mind-set within the market. NM are delighted to be able to assist new and current members of the BIoR an alternative back office and funding solution which has been consistently helping agencies to grow for the last 15+ years 
NM can offer discounts to both new start & existing recruitment agencies who have an active membership with the BIoR. Please give us a call for a confidential chat to see if NM can help 0161 337 9882
About Our Company

New Millennia Group Limited offer the only true, fully insured, non-recourse, non-retention 100% funding facility in the market today. New Millennia Group Limited's finance facilities have been used successfully since May 2000 by recruitment businesses just like yours. New Millennia Group Limited reviews every business’ needs case by case to help them grow as much as possible.


New Millennia Group Limited are a group of companies which prides itself on providing tailored, bespoke solutions to temporary recruitment agencies and are specialists in “New Starts” into the recruitment industry. New Millennia Group Limited's client service manifesto is to deal with partner agencies honestly, ethically, with integrity and a desire to continually improve their quality of service by listening, responding and being flexible. 


The success of this approach is illustrated by the fact that New Millennia Group Limited still have a large number of recruitment agencies that have joined their organisation since 2000 as new start recruitment agencies and are now individually generating between £2 million and £10 million of business per year.