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GC Factoring Ltd

Back Office
Offer Details to BIoR Members
Grenke would be more than happy to provide a fee of charge audit of your Invoice Finance requirements by one of our local Regional Sales Managers to see where we can add benefit and growth to you business.
About Our Company
GRENKE was established in Germany back in the 1979 as a small ticket leasing company by Wolgang Grenke. 

Fast forward 41 years...

GRENKE have offices in 32 countries, employs in excess of 1800 staff members and specialize in Invoice Finance and Leasing. We also just opened as GRENKE Bank in Germany and we are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange funding just over £3bil in 2019.

If you are looking for a funder to provide some great customer service, very good processes and a great sense of security, then look no further.