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Samuel Charles Partnership Ltd

Samuel Charles Partnership Ltd

Recruitment / Headhunting Practice

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We are a nimble boutique headhunting practice that focuses robustly on the human element of human capital. Offering more than thirty years’ extensive experience we are privileged to serve the recruitment industry, striving to enhance the life of every one of our clients and ultimately to optimise the performance of the business our people go on to represent.

Samuel Charles Partnership considers recruitment and how it impacts people’s lives to be much more far-reaching than just a one-off business transaction.

Our deeply principled behaviour is ingrained within our firm’s culture. We demand absolute excellence from ourselves. We are dedicated and committed to delivering standards of uncompromising excellence in all the services we provide for our clients and candidates.

Expectations should be excelled rather than merely met. It is our quest to achieve perfection on your behalf. We consistently strive to be the consummate pillar of extended strength and support for every client. Our most valued asset is our unshakeable iron will to reach pinnacles of higher performance, encouraging others by our principled leadership.

Long-term business partnering is our ethos, collaborating with and for one another to maximise mutual strategic success. This is how long-lasting value is created and cared for.

Our priority is getting to know you. We do this by providing transparency and accessibility, which enables you to benefit from our nimble, concise consulting, honourable headhunting and respectful recruiting practices.


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Sam Charles / Julie Evans
+ 44 (0)1704 601 060

United Kingdom
L37 4EY