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Feroze Jalal

Ethical Workforce

Feroze is an Ethics Champion and has completed training enabling him to demonstrate a deep understanding of business ethics and commitment to the highest professional standards. He has been awarded the 'Ethics Champion' certificate endorsed by both the Institute of Recruiters (IOR) & the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE).

Feroze is authorised to carry the 'Ethics Champion' logo.

About the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE)

The Institute of Recruiters launched the 'Ethics Champions' initiative with the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) to raise standards in ethical practice within recruitment and HR. The collaboration is enhancing the reputation of the industry by increasing awareness of business ethics and the importance of ethical values in the workplace. Established in 1986 to promote high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values, the IBE's President is Sir Robert Worcester (Founder of Ipsos-MORI) and director is Philippa Foster Back OBE