Crsitian Lorand Popa Aved

About Me

With over 15 years experience in Marketing, Recruitment, Talent Acquisition and IT my career focus in the last few years has been turning opportunities and ideas into new technological businesses.
Creative, focused and inspired represents me and my work.

The convergence between technology, HR and culture is something that I am truly passionate about. Technology because of the positive impact it can have on people's lives. HR because I believe that every single person in a company makes a difference. And Culture, because I believe that is what separates average companies from the extraordinary ones. Developing AquacultureTalent, I get to implement work with all three.

AquacultureTalent have founded and developed with the goal of disrupting the recruiting industry by streamlining the hiring process creating an extremely transparent experience for both job-seekers and employers. Since then, we’ve helped aquaculture and seafood talent land jobs at companies in Aquaculture, Seafood and Fisheries industry.