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Ambassador Agreement

As an Ambassador you agree the following:

  1. The company you work for must have a valid corporate membership of the BIoR. 
  2. Earn 40% commission on the first year’s corporate membership fee for Service Providers or Recruitment agencies you refer to membership.
  3. Add ‘BIoR Ambassador’ as a current role in your LinkedIn profile and receive a BIoR Ambassador logo for your email signature.
  4. Being an Ambassador means being an advocate of the BIoR. Advocacy means promoting and publicly supporting the BIoR, including:
  • talking about your membership experience to your peers
  • supporting & representing the BIoR at local events
  • sharing knowledge and best practice
  • being featured in The Recruiting Times Magazine
  1. Upon termination of this agreement by either party, Ambassadors agree to remove the Ambassador Logo from their email signature. You further agree not to enter into negative discussions or negative promotions about the BIoR or any individual associated with the BIoR.
  2. By signing this agreement you understand that nothing in this agreement constitutes any partnership between the two parties or warrants any party to act on the others behalf in any capacity whatever.