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Code of Professional & Ethical Conduct

Mission Statement

  • To be seen as an invaluable asset to our members.
  • To consistently deliver a minimum tenfold return on investment (membership fee) to our members.
  • For BIoR membership to be considered ‘essential’ by recruitment and HR professionals.
  • Support the members via constant service development and innovation.
  • Increase BIoR awareness both nationally and internationally.
  • Lobby for positive change.
  • More about the BIoR Vision

Purpose of the Code

The Brirish Institute of Recruiters is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct and competency in HR and recruitment. All members are encouraged to be advocates of promoting best practice within the profession and must comply with the standards set out in this Code of Conduct.

The Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct has been established as a means of regulating members’ conduct. The Institute will provide guidance and advice to all members to help them achieve and maintain compliance with the Code.

Where the Institute receives a complaint which shows that a member has breached any of the standards set out in the Code, that complaint will be investigated under the complaints procedureand may result in the matter being referred to the disciplinary body. Members must co-operate fully with the BIoR to allow any complaint to be fully investigated.

  1. Professional Conduct
    • Members must act with the highest standards of integrity, honesty,diligence and appropriate behaviour at all times in their business and professional dealings.
    • Members must conduct their business in a manner which enhances the operation, image and reputation of the industry.
    • Members must take care to ensure they exercise high standards of timeliness, appropriateness and accuracy in the information and advice they provide in the course of their business to candidates and clients.
    • Members should not act in any way that would bring the industry into disrepute.
  2. Compliance with Laws
    • Members must comply with all relevant legislation, statutory and nonstatutory requirements and official guidance.
  3. Diversity
    • Members must respect diversity and not unfairly discriminate against people.
    • Establish working practices that safeguard against any unlawful or unethical discrimination.
    • Make sure your views about a person’s religion, race, gender reassignment, identity, sex and sexual orientation, age, disability, marital status or any other factors, do not affect how you provide your professional services.
    • Treat all clients and candidates with dignity and respect, and provide equal employment opportunities, based on qualifications and experience.
  4. Recruitment
    • BIoR members must:
    • Ensure that they fully document the recruitment process from the initial client brief through to offer stage.
    • Maintain high standards of integrity in all advertising and marketing.
    • Supply candidates with full details of the job and conditions of employment in accordance with requirements of current legislation.
    • Determine the experience and qualifications of candidates as appropriate to the clients’ needs, or as may be required by law.
    • Endeavour to assign the best qualified candidate to fill the position.
    • Keep candidates informed of the outcome of their application in a timely manner.
    • Obtain permission from the candidate before forwarding on a CV. (applies to agency recruiters only)
  5. Training and Development
    • Members must seek to continually develop their professional knowledge and competence
    • Maintain and improve the quality of the service you provide by keeping your knowledge and skills up to date and relevant to your role and responsibilities.
    • Undertake and keep up-to-date evidence of your continuing professional development.
    • Learn from appraisals and reviews of your performance and undertake further education and training if necessary.
  6. Confidentiality
    • Respect the confidentiality of both clients and candidates.
    • Never disclose confidential information without consent unless required to do so by the law.