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Creating Standards

RecruitmentStandards.org is the international open standards forum founded by the Institute of Recruiters, IOR.  The forum is open to companies and individuals with the common objective of harmonisation, interconnectivity and communication standards within the recruitment sector.

Recruitment Standards Framework

The Recruitment Standards Framework will provide a more accurate, efficient and compatible data standard for vendors to implement into their recruitment websites, software, portals and solutions incorporating:

  • Job Posting (vfs - vacancy format standards)
  • Importing Data (to and from portals, software & job boards)
  • CV Creation & Parsing Standards
  • Recruitment Portals (data set standards)
  • ONLINE CV Creation (field format standards)
  • Software Solutions & Data Transfer
  • Others

Membership | Be part of it.

Membership ofRecruitmentStandards.org is a privilege and is extended to the following groups:

•  Job Posting Software Vendors
•  Job Boards
•  Online CV Portals
•  Social Portals (that include vacancy or recruiting components)
•  HR Software Vendors
•  HR & Recruitment Software & System Integrators
•  Recruitment Companies
•  HR Service Providers
•  Recruitment & HR related Professional Bodies
•  Recruitment & HR related Trade Associations
•  Other relevant interested parties

Initial Focus

The initial focus of the forum will be to collaborate on creating standards in the areas of:

  • Vacancy formats (vfs) | Benefits include a closer harmonization between job boards, portals and job postingTOOLS.

    vfs logo

  • CV Formats (iCVS | iR | iCV) | Benefits include simplified importing of CV data into HR & recruitment software.
    iCVS logo iR logo iCV logo

Mission & Principles

RecruitmentStandards.org is a global, open, multidisciplinary, non-profit organization that works with members to establish recruitment standards to support the submission and exchange of recruitment related data.  The standards we create are platform-independent and freely available.  

Core Principles

•    Lead the development of standards that simplify and improve efficiency.
•    Creating flexibility and easily interpreted standards.
•    Create an inclusive forum that fosters meaningful debate towards our goals.
•    Maintain a global participatingMEMBERSHIP and audience.
•    Work with other professional groups to encourage a sharing of information and efforts.
•    Provide standards that have clear value and benefits.
•    Accomplish our goals without promoting any individual vendor or organization.



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