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Our Unique Approach and Services

Internationally Recognised & Transferable HR & Recruitment Qualifications and CPD.

The IOR will have 3 specialist routes to qualifications in HR, Agency Recruitment & Corporate (in-house) Recruitment.


By partnering with a BritishUNIVERSITY the IOR ensures its education offerings are world class and internationally recognised and accepted.  This means that when you study with the IOR (regardless of what level you study at) you will be certified by a BritishUNIVERSITY.


Your certificates and credits will be internationally recognised (by other universities in the UK or overseas) and accepted as part of entrance criteria to other relevant university courses.


This is a major step forward for our industry. We will endeavour to keep the cost of education and CPD low.


More about the IOR Certified Training & Qualifications.

Social Media Support, Guides & Advice.

LowestMEMBERSHIP fee structure.

IOR is in the KNOW!

Individual and Corporate members can access IOR employer help lines.

HR and Agency under the same roof.

Enjoy FREE Affiliate level membership.

Free regular webinars with global speakers and FREE events.

Members have access to board members via social media.

The IOR is International and can really effect change.

Members have their own Profile Pages on the IOR site.


Extensive Internal expertise within our leadership.

CV Submission Consent Software - For Agency members.

HR & Recruitment Research - IOR uses Best in Class partners.

IOR FellowMEMBERSHIP costs the same as a normal member.

Fellow level of the IOR is hard to achieve.

The IOR website is innovative and in a constant development cycle.

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Irwin Mitchell LLP

101 Umbrella Ownership Scheme