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Welcome to The British Institute of Recruiters

The British Institute of Recruiters (BIoR) promotes excellence in recruitment and raises awareness of its vital role in business and the community.

The British Institute of Recruiters (BIoR) is a British Institute representing the highest standard mark in British recruitment. As the professional body for HR, Agency & In-House recruiters, it is the voice of people working in the recruitment and retention process that fall into the areas of agency recruitment, corporate (in-house) recruitment and HR.

What we do?
The BIoR provides British Recruitment Best Practice Guidance, Training, Education & Networking to Agency Recruiters, In-House Recruiters & HR teams with unrivalled services and innovation. Bringing HR, Agency & In-House specialists under a single body is essential for positive collaboration towards the common goal of an efficient, seamless process.

Types of BIoR Membership

Recruitment Business Membership from £595 + VAT
This is for Recruitment Agencies, In-House Recruiters, HR Teams.

Employer Membership from £595 + VAT
Membership support for companies that hire students.

Individual Membership – £49 + VAT
This is for recruiters who are not part of a BIoR company membership scheme but work in the recruitment industry.

Personal HR/In-House Recruiter Membership - £149 + VAT
This is for HR & In-House Recruiters.

Service Provider Membership (Silver & Gold)
This is for companies who supply products and services to the recruitment industry. Get listed as a supplier to the recruitment industry on the BIoR website and The Recruiting Times (our online magazine) and advertise your products and services to BIoR members.

Why is the BIoR Different?
The BIoR offers support to HR, In-House & Agency recruiters.
We believe that Recruitment and HR is evolving while at the same time technology is taking its place at the table, opening up new possibilities and requiring new skill sets. The BIoR brings together a new way of connecting, learning and collaborating with your peers to help you realise the potential of social technology. BIoR members can attain Ofqual accredited qualifications via our awarding partner SkillsFirst Awards, discounted job board credits with major job boards, and have access to many more benefits.

Network of Ambassadors & Advisors
The BIoR boasts a network of Ambassadors based all over the UK and worldwide. Our Ambassadors are recruitment professionals who actively promote and support the BIoR.

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Team Members

Azmat Mohammed

Azmat Mohammed

Director General
Victoria Hodkinson

Victoria Hodkinson

Legal Counsel
John Lymn

John Lymn

Contracts Manager
Zahid Mahmood

Zahid Mahmood

Business Development Manager - End Point Assessments
Anna-Marie Watters

Anna-Marie Watters

Quality Assurance Reviewer
Mick Barr

Mick Barr

Compliance Adviser
Janet Glentworth

Janet Glentworth

EPAO Manager