Fellowship is open to certified recruiters only

Fellowship is the next major milestone in your professional recruitment career.

Being recognised as a Fellow of the industry’s British Institute gives a level of credibility and recognition that no words on a CV can.

BIOR Fellowship

Graduating to Fellowship

It’s only after five-years as a senior member of the recruitment industry that you earn the right to use ‘FBIOR’ after your name and enjoy the additional prestige that comes with it.

Accomplishing Fellowship status is a major achievement which:

  1. Demonstrates to employers that you are a certified recruiter and have extensive experience.
  2. Signifies you’ve made a long-term commitment to professionalism, compliance and ethics.


Achieving Fellowship

BIOR Fellow



To achieve Fellowship status, you will be required to complete a Fellowship Declaration which explains how you meet the following criteria:

  1. You have operated at a senior level in recruitment for over five years'.
  2. You are currently operating as a leader or senior adviser to the leadership team.
  3. You are currently involved in strategy and policymaking.
  4. Provide 2 Professional Character references.


You will be required to undertake a 30min Professional Discussion which will cover your experience and career. 

Download the Fellowship Declaration here, complete and email to: ​

Cost of Fellowship

Year one:
Professional Discussion & Review of Fellowship Declaration £245 (one off payment in year 1 only)
Fellow Annual Membership Fee £120
All prices exclude VAT

For more Fellowship advice or information call 0161 232 0991 or email: ​