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Become a STAR | Specialist in Talent Acquisition & Retention | For In-House Recruiters

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Earn the STAR acronym after your name, it’s the recognition you deserve and the credibility you need.

In-House Recruiters achieve the acronym ‘STAR’ | Specialist in Talent Acquisition & Retention | Issued by The British Institute of Recruiters


The British Institute of Recruiters stands as the UK’s principle professional body for both In-House and Agency Recruiters, setting the gold standard in the field of recruitment and operating the Recruitment Certification Scheme.

STAR Certification was created with the support all 3 of the UK's enforcement bodies.

Candidates and company stakeholders care about recruiters knowing the law and keeping them 100% safe.

Certification to STAR status is via a 45 min online assessment of current knowledge and sets you apart from others.

Certification costs £120.

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The ‘STAR’ Recruitment Certification Scheme for In-House Recruiters | Specialist in Talent Acquisition & Retention

The STAR certification is designed for in house recruitment professionals, whether you’re at entry-level or looking to boost your career progression, we will be with you every step of the way.

Discover your potential and advance your career opportunities, promotion and job portability.

The certification also encourages lifelong learning, professional development and enhances your reputation amongst your peers. Find out how to get started and successfully earn a STAR Certification with complimentary membership, industry news and insights.

STAR Certification is an effective scheme that demonstrates to clients your understanding of fundamental recruitment knowledge, terminology, and processes in effective and compliant recruitment.

What STAR Certification Offers In-House Recruiters:

  • Validates your expertise and enhances professional credibility - Gaining prestigious STAR Certification improves your reputation and image among peers.
  • Shows you meet high standards and compliance - STAR Certification provides assurance to clients you implement effective, compliant processes.
  • Gives a competitive edge and increased earnings potential - STAR Credentials stand out and lead to more career opportunities, promotions, and job options.
  • Encourages continual learning and development - The STAR Certification process promotes improving your recruitment knowledge and skills.
  • Includes BIOR membership - You gain access to BIOR resources and community.
  • Receive Industry News & Insights - Stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices

Your Journey to STAR Certification:

  1. Register online to become STAR certified and make payment.
  2. Log into your account and create your profile page and select the certification icon from your member dashboard and complete the test.
  3. After the test has been graded, you will receive notification via email, and you can download your STAR certificate and logo. 

Certification Scheme for In-House Recruiters

Want to know more about the STAR Certification?

Simply email and ask for information on the STAR accreditation. 


In-House Recruitment Qualification:

The Summit Qualifications UK Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Recruitment provides essential knowledge and techniques to help internal recruiters master the recruitment process.

Learn best practices for sourcing, screening, and selecting top talent. Understand how to build effective relationships with hiring managers to identify needs and craft job descriptions that attract qualified candidates. Gain skills in developing employer brand strategies for talent attraction.

The qualification earns you the prestigious STAR acronym - Specialist in Talent Acquisition & Retention - to demonstrate your credibility and mastery of in-house recruitment. Invest in your professional development with the Summit Qualifications UK Level 3 Certificate. Acquire the skills and knowledge needed to excel as an in-house recruiter and drive hiring success.

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