Recruitment Qualifications

Recruitment qualifications that meet the needs of employers and earn post nominals letters 'Cert PRec' - 'Cert-RRec' - 'STAR'

Professional Recruitment Qualifications


In-House or Agency Route

Our qualifications have two distinct routes, In-House Route or the Agency Route.

On completion post nominal letters issued by The British Institute of Recruiters:

  • Agency Recruiters achieve the acronym 'Cert PRec' & 'Cert RRec'
  • In-House Recruiters achieve the acronym ‘STAR’ (Specialist in Talent Acquisition & Retention)


For more information on Professional Recruitment Qualifications click the links below:

Summit Qualifications UK Level 2 Certificate in Recruitment Resourcing 'Cert RRec'

Summit Qualifications UK Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Recruitment 'Cert PRec' & ‘STAR