Become an Ambassador

Open to Certified Recruitment Business Partners Only

Are you interested in becoming a BIOR Ambassador?

If you often find yourself speaking to friends and peers about the pride you feel about being a certified recruiter and BIOR Certified Recruitment Business Partner, why not join our community of Ambassadors?

We’re proud to have you as a certified BIOR Certified Recruitment Business Partner so why not use the benefit of your experience to help the next generation of recruitment professionals. Our Local Ambassadors are passionate about the work of The British Institute of Recruiters in their local areas. They help us reach more recruiters who can benefit from our help. For a chat about this role please call 0161 232 0991 or email for more information today.

Register to become an Ambassador

Please note that you must be a BIOR certified recruiter to apply for the BIOR Ambassador role.


Help us develop a culture of advocacy

Help us spread the word and develop a culture of advocacy within the BIOR community and create a sense of pride around recruitment certification, membership and what it means to our members.


What is an Ambassador, what does it involve?

Being an Ambassador means being an advocate of the BIOR and recruitment certification. Advocacy means promoting and publicly supporting the BIOR and recruitment certification, including:

  • talking about your certification and membership experience to your peers
  • supporting & representing the BIOR at local events
  • sharing knowledge and best practice
  • being featured in the Recruiting Times magazine

Help nurture the next generation of certified recruitment professionals

Advocacy comes from pride. We hope you’re proud of your achievements and association with the BIOR. Are you also proud to tell people of the great work we do and the part you play as a certified member?

The public values the recruitment industry because we play a huge role in changing people’s lives. You will have experienced first-hand how recruitment can have a positive impact on an individual’s life. And by promoting the recruitment certification and the BIOR you may help to change someone’s life in the future by nurturing the next generation of certified recruitment professionals.